A short film by Myrtle Street Pictures


Parrot is a tale of a family divided by faith. Todd, the youngest son of Ruth and Edmund Senior, has over the years drifted away from his strict Catholic upbringing. Too afraid to break the truth to his mother, he would feel as a complete stranger within his own family were it not for his brother Edmund Junior who shares the same secret.

When a terrible tragedy befalls the family, Todd and his parents are forced to confront their differences at the worst of all possible times. With the truth out, can they find a way to accept, support and love each other or will religion fracture this family forever?

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The script is unfettered and from the heart; brought to life through flawless cinematography and sincere performances, beautifully illustrating the undeniable link between tragedy and religious extremism.

– Greta Jackson, 2RRR Radio

Parrot's Awards

The drama is perfectly tempered with moments of humour and pathos. And, importantly, it is not coercive. The story is laid out honestly but without undue bias, allowing the viewer to draw their own meaning from the art.

– Chrys Stevenson, the Cross-Eyed Bear

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